About Us

We first started out as smoothie fans, like you. We wanted healthy smoothie recipes that didn't have anything like ice cream in the ingredients. We wanted to feel good afterwards and not have to lay on the couch regretting our life decisions.

There's a lot of healthy recipe blogs out there, but a lot of them need a weird ingredient like almond milk from organic grass-fed almonds. They're good, but we were looking for simple, delicious, healthy and an easy way to find the recipe we're looking for.

We decided to create what was missing, and SmoothieRecipes.com was born. Made by the same people who created the #1 Juicing website, JuiceRecipes.com, but 100% smoothies.

We believe in health over anything else, but we know flavor matters when it comes to having a smoothie daily. We knew we could be different and that you didn't have to add ice cream to your smoothie to make it good. Our goal is to change the world's first thought when they see a green smoothie. We're here to make green look delicious.