About Us

We're some of the same people that brought you JuiceRecipes.com, the #1 juicing website. We knew we could take on smoothies, but it's a bigger challenge than we initially thought! Many people think juice and smoothies are the same thing, but the way the flavors play together is completely different. We received so many emails on JuiceRecipes.com from people asking why their recipes are "thick and goopy", which is a sure sign they're putting it in a blender.

We knew we had to make a site dedicated to smoothies.

When we first started blending, we found it really difficult to find a smoothie recipe that didn't contain any mention of "sugar, chocolate syrup, ice cream" in it. Even though a lot of them started off healthy, there seemed to always be at least 1 thing in it that completely ruined that "healthy smoothie recipe" aspect to it.

Yes, those unhealthy smoothies sure are great, but we knew smoothies could taste great and be healthy. A lot of effort was needed for each recipe in order to accomplish this, because it's pretty easy to make a gross healthy smoothie recipe, but the challenge is in making a delicious healthy smoothie recipe.

We've experimented with a lot of flavors, and even found a new love for root vegetables in our smoothies. Which is something that many say to avoid outright because of their flavor. Not us! Although, we drank some really gross smoothies in our experimentations.

After a ton of work, SmoothieRecipes.com launched on January 1st, 2016. We hope it lives up to the same expectations that JuiceRecipes.com has. Let us know what you think by Contacting Us.