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About Smoothie Recipes

We first started out as smoothie fans, like you. We wanted healthy smoothie recipes that didn't have anything like ice cream in the ingredients. We wanted to feel good afterwards and not have to lay on the couch regretting our life decisions.

There's a lot of healthy recipe blogs out there, but a lot of them need a weird ingredient like almond milk from organic grass-fed almonds. They're good, but we were looking for simple, delicious, healthy and an easy way to find the recipe we're looking for.

We decided to create what was missing, and was born. Made by the same people who created the #1 Juicing website,, but 100% smoothies.

Popular Recipes

Beet & Berry 'em

You may hear that root vegetables are "gross" when put in smoothies, and we thought that too at first. After experimenting with a lot of different flavors, we found beets to be one of the most surprisingly refreshing flavors. Yeah, it does have a bit of an "earthy" taste to it, but because of their natural sugar content, they're also sweet.

You can consider this a "beginner" beet recipe because of the other fruit content.

Discovering Earth

People avoid putting root vegetables in their smoothies because they hear it tastes bad or weird. This recipe has 3 different root vegetables in it and should help you understand what roots can really taste like in a smoothie when you put some thought into it. Give this a try before you decide roots aren't for you. No need to peel the beet, but make sure you scrub it really well.

Gotta Have My Pops

"Gotta have my pops!" Haha... remember that commercial? Do they still make pops?

I made these popsicles while trying to find a way to eat more clean calories while still having a good time. The entire recipe is around 1,000 calories, which puts each popsicle at just about 100 calories per popsicle (10 popsicles, each popsicle is 2.5 fl oz).

While I still want to experiment with coconut cream and possible some protein powder in these things, this is the first batch in my experiments that made ...