7 Day Challenge

1 Recipe Per Day

You'll be adding 1 smoothie to your life every day. Continue eating as you normally do.

7 Days

A perfect fit for your week.

Shopping List

A single, simple shopping list is provided for the 7 days.

Interactive Challenge

Use our interactive challenge to get your daily recipe emailed to you or complete it through our site.

Why we made the 7 Day Challenge

7 Days, 7 Recipes - High Commitment

The bread and butter of a healthy life. A full week of 1 healthy smoothie recipe a day!

It's obvious why we made this. If you need a healthy smoothie every day, this is it. You can re-do it week after week because we filled it with highly-rated delicious healthy recipes that you won't get sick of.

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7 Day Challenge Reviews

dmnickles - - 13 Sep 2020

good recipes.

redmango - - 08 Nov 2018

This 7-day smoothie challenge was really easy to do, and all of the recipes tasted great! It was a simple way for me to increase my fruit and greens intake for the week. I'm looking forward to doing this challenge again, along with other challenges in the future. :)

kronok - - 07 Nov 2018

It's great to just be handed a list of groceries and recipes for 200+ fl oz of healthy smoothies. Each recipe made enough for 2 people (even though I'd drink it all myself), so I did it with my fiancee. It took us a bit longer than the original 7 days to do it, but it was easy to just pick up where we left off without any feelings of guilt. Loved it!