Green Tea Smoothie

Green Tea Smoothie

All of the food you see made with "green tea" is actually made with matcha powder. It's a bit more nutritious and flavorful because you're consuming the leaf rather than steeping it.

Usually matcha is combined with unhealthy things to make it sound healthy, but this time you're actually going to make something healthy with it and it's going to taste good. In theory.

The goal is to make a green tea smoothie with the texture that's similar to a frap from Starbucks. You can use frozen bananas to help reach this texture, but it's not required.

Pay attention to the order of ingredients that go into it. You should finish it off with the ice to make sure it's not a hot mess of goo at the end. If you mess up or you live in Florida, you can add more ice.


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  1. Combine the almond milk and spinach in the blender and blend for 30 seconds.
  2. Put in the rest of the ingredients except for the ice, then blend until smooth (about 60 seconds)
  3. Throw in the ice and blend until it doesn't sound rough (5-15 seconds), but be sure not to blend too much or you won't get the texture you're going for. You want tiny ice particles in every sip. Think frappuccino-like.
  4. Hand it to the customer and get back to work.


  • Acne
    Zinc, Zn

    The nutrient zinc appears to be effective in reducing symptoms of acne when ingested regularly. Although the positive effects can be small, it clearly helps.

  • Depression
    Zinc, Zn

    There's a notable depression reduction in those who are resistant to depression treatment, and used zinc as an add-on to help improve their symptons while using anti-depressant medication. Minor improvements to mood and depressive symptons were seen in others.

  • Migraine

    Riboflavin (also known as Vitamin B2) appears to greatly reduce frequency of migraines. It also notably reduces the intensity of migraines, but the optimal amount isn't known yet as most studies used 400mg, but one study found similar improvements with just 25mg.

  • Hair Regrowth
    Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)

    A study noted 100mg of Vitamin E was able to promote hair growth in subjects with alopecia relative to a placebo being used.

  • Weight Loss
    Energy, Kcal

    Subjects who were fed more energy than baseline energy gained weight without any changes in energy expenditure.

  • Lower Blood Pressure
    Magnesium, Mg

    Using magnesium shows a significant reduction in blood pressure, assuming one of two conditions is met. Either the subject is deficient in magnesium already, or the subject has a blood pressure of 140/90 or above. A deficiency in magnesium was not a requirement for the subjects to reduce their blood pressure.

  • Increase Testosterone
    Vitamin D

    Men taking 3,332 IU of Vitamin D over the course of a year observed an increase in their testosterone levels.

  • Lower Triglycerides

    Subjects with dyslipidemia showed a strong decrease of triglycerides when given doses of niacin.


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Polyunsaturated Fat {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.fatty_acids_total_polyunsaturated.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.fatty_acids_total_polyunsaturated.units $}
Cholesterol {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.cholesterol.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.cholesterol.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.cholesterol $}
Sodium {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.sodium_na.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.sodium_na.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.sodium_na $}
Potassium {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.potassium_k.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.potassium_k.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.potassium_k $}
Total Carbohydrate {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.carbohydrate_by_difference.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.carbohydrate_by_difference.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.carbohydrate_by_difference $}
Dietary Fiber {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.fiber_total_dietary.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.fiber_total_dietary.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.fiber_total_dietary $}
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Protein {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.protein.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.protein.units $}
Vitamin A {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_a_rae.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_a_rae.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.vitamin_a_rae $}
Vitamin C {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_c_total_ascorbic_acid.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_c_total_ascorbic_acid.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.vitamin_c_total_ascorbic_acid $}
Calcium {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.calcium_ca.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.calcium_ca.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.calcium_ca $}
Iron {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.iron_fe.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.iron_fe.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.iron_fe $}
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.
Choline {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.choline_total.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.choline_total.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.choline_total $}
Folate {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.folate_total.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.folate_total.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.folate_total $}
Niacin {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.niacin.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.niacin.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.niacin $}
Riboflavin {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.riboflavin.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.riboflavin.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.riboflavin $}
Thiamin {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.thiamin.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.thiamin.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.thiamin $}
Vitamin B-12 {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_b_12.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_b_12.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.vitamin_b_12 $}
Vitamin B-6 {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_b_6.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_b_6.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.vitamin_b_6 $}
Vitamin D {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_d.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_d.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.vitamin_d $}
Vitamin E {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_e_alpha_tocopherol.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_e_alpha_tocopherol.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.vitamin_e_alpha_tocopherol $}
Vitamin K {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_k_phylloquinone.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.vitamin_k_phylloquinone.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.vitamin_k_phylloquinone $}
Copper {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.copper_cu.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.copper_cu.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.copper_cu $}
Magnesium {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.magnesium_mg.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.magnesium_mg.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.magnesium_mg $}
Phosphorus {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.phosphorus_p.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.phosphorus_p.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.phosphorus_p $}
Selenium {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.selenium_se.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.selenium_se.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.selenium_se $}
Zinc {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.zinc_zn.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.zinc_zn.units $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.dailyvalues.zinc_zn $}
Caffeine {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.caffeine.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.caffeine.units $}
Theobromine {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.theobromine.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.theobromine.units $}
Water {$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.water.value $}{$ ctrl.recipe.nutrition.water.units $}
All nutrient values are calculated from the USDA nutrition database.